How to Jingle Bell Rock Your Last Minute Holiday Campaign

The holidays: a time to spend relaxing around the fireplace, cuddled up with your family, sipping on hot cocoa. I don't know about you, but while that might paint the perfect picture of what we hope the holidays to be, I spend at least half of my holiday season running around like a crazed little elf. Don’t get me wrong - the holidays are great, but things can get a little hectic between work, family, planning vacation, hosting holiday parties… yikes. Some things end up falling to the wayside this time of year. Don’t let it be your company holiday campaign! It’s not too late to ramp up your marketing efforts just in time for the festivities. Here’s your complete last minute guide to planning an effective holiday campaign.

The simplest way to get consumer attention around the holidays is by doing everything you can to make life easier for them. This may require a little bit more work on your end, but it will pay off and will help set you apart from competition. Making your customers’ lives easier could be as simple as complementary gift wrapping, providing free shipping or even offering holiday recipes with each purchase - something special that will resonate with your audience. Things can get stressful this time of year so every bit of help counts!

Joy to the social media world! This quick and dirty strategy will be sure to boost your reach and engage users. Create a festive hashtag or jump on the bandwagon of a trending holiday topic to help spread the word about your holiday offering! The opportunities are endless when it comes to holiday campaigns - think branded Pinterest wishlist boards for everyone on your list and Facebook photo contests for festive decorations or holiday treats! Here you can also give your social platforms a seasonal makeover by spicing them up with some decorative holiday landing pages, cover photos and maybe even a fun and festive variation of your logo to help draw attention to your organization!

And last but not least: special discounts and promotions! Even though the infamous Black Friday has come and gone, there are still a ton of last minute shoppers who will be on the gift hunt over the next few weeks. Giving your customers a great deal doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming, keep it simple. To ensure that your product or service is still perceived as a premium offering, we always advise offering promotions that are store (or category) wide, that encourage larger purchases such as "Gift two, get one" or that focus on tiered rewards when the customer reaches certain price points. When consumers see selected store items on “sale” it can leave consumers with the impression that something might be wrong with the product or service. On the flip side - if customers see a store offering a more integrated holiday promo it comes off as an act of customer appreciation or as an effort to reward loyal customers. Brands have to provide and promote maximum value during the holidays when competition is at its peak. Offering special holiday promotions for clients doesn’t mean discounting your product or service, it means showing appreciation for your customers and giving back in the holiday spirit.

The holidays are all about spreading joy and happiness, and the more you can help your customers focus on what's really important, the more likely you'll become top of mind for their festive traditions year after year. Here’s ho-ho-hoping you and your business have a happy holiday season! Enjoy time with friends and family after setting your business up for a successful transition into 2015!


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