Why it’s Good to be Small

Photo credit: Stéfan

Growing up a little shorter than the rest doesn’t always seem that glamorous but let me tell you why it is. Hide and seek is easier when you fit into small spaces, short people are built low to the ground for action (said well by my brother in his adolescence and very important for contact sports), and everyone lets you get a bit closer to the stage at concerts. Plus, anything miniature is good in my books; ponies, cupcakes, and puppies… Small is cute, and small is also powerful. Aside from being small myself, I’ve grown up in a small town, I’ve attended a small university, and now I’m most proud of working in a “small” company. I say small loosely here, because the work we’re capable of here is remarkable. Choosing a university isn’t always an easy decision, but for me it was. I selected Acadia because of the insanely bright and intensely strong sense of community that is cultivated both through the academic world and the tight-knit group of alumni. Similarly, when I saw a job posting come out around this time last year to join the team at BITS I leapt for it. In total we are six. Ian’s captain of the ship, and we have Samantha, Michael, Simon, Andrea, and myself. When it comes down to it we’re a family. We know way too much about each other, we share everything (desserts included), and we win together. Over the past twelve months I’ve reaffirmed why it was that I wanted to work with a small group, and why we see value in staying small:

We’re agile

Everyday at an agency is different from the last and sometimes priorities change in a second. Smaller shops don’t need to deal with funneling messages through layers of people and policies. We can move – fast.

We keep costs low

Keeping a company small in stature means that you can transfer your savings to your customers. By hiring a handful of the very best staff, we can provide service rivaling the bigwigs without carrying the cost of staff without a full plate.

We wear many hats

Hard hats, bowler hats, party hats, you name it. The variety you get working with a small team is unmatched. One minute I’m a project manager and the next I’m in charge of our communications. You’ll probably never experience breadth like this working at a Fortune 500. For me this is probably the best part. It keeps things interesting and I’m always learning about something new.

We care

We care through and through. It’s at our core and we’ve built our brand off going the extra mile. By making it harder to blend into crowd, staying small reminds us that the actions we make have a direct impact on our clients. And hearing a simple “thank you” means so much more.

We’re empowered

We’re never kept in the dark. We know what’s happening within our company and we share results openly, making each of us realize how valuable we really are. We understand how our work as individuals affects the whole and that we are directly responsible for our success or failure. Delivering this level of transparency pushes us all harder each day to do our best.

We do things right

Fostering an environment where employees care and feel a sense of responsibility means that we’ll always do things right. We provide the best solutions for our clients every time because doing the right thing is the right thing to do. I’ve learned that being small really is a good thing. Personally I’m A-OK with my small physique and professionally I’ve never been happier.

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